Founding Director recognized as one of Time Magazine’s “The Closers”

Time Magazine, "The Closers" 2024
Photo illustration by Aaron Marin for TIME.

Our Founding Director and Duke Sanford School professor, Dr. William “Sandy” Darity Jr. has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of 18 Black leaders working to end the racial wealth gap for his work on baby bonds. Dr. Darity’s work, focusing on reparations and economic policies to tackle systemic inequalities, has added substantial depth and insight to the baby bonds concept. This approach proposes government-funded accounts for every newborn, aiming to provide financial assets as they mature, which can be pivotal in life-changing events such as education and homeownership. The acknowledgment by Time Magazine of Dr. Darity’s contributions underscores the importance and impact of his work in striving towards economic equality.

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