The Inequality Studies minor is a joint collaboration between the Samuel DuBois Cook Center and the Department of History. The minor is a way for students to advance their understanding of the causes and consequences of inequality and pursue research around issues of social equity across a range of social science methods. The minor can be completed independent of or alongside a major in History, and inequality studies minors come from across departments in both the sciences and humanities.

Requirements: 6 courses

Core Courses

  • HISTORY 288: History of Inequality
  • HISTORY 323: Methods in Inequality Studies
  • PUBPOL 435/645: Global Inequality Research Initiative


  • History Gateway course, typically listed between 160 – 180 with inequality themes
  • History course at the 200-level or above with inequality themes
  • History course at the 300-level or above with inequality themes

Additional Information

  • For History majors who want to minor in Inequality Studies, three minor electives are allowed to overlap with the requirements for the major.
  • Courses taken pass/fail and AP credits do not count toward the minor.
  • Questions? Email the Director of the Inequality Studies Minor, Adam Hollowell.
Director of Inequality Studies Minor

Adam Hollowell
Senior Research Associate, Samuel DuBois Cook Center
(919) 613-1465

Director of Undergraduate Studies, History

John D. French
Professor of History
(919) 684-3014