Distinguished Fellows

Distinguished Fellows

The Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University is pleased to announce its inaugural 2023 Class of Distinguished Fellows.

The eight individuals who constitute the class will provide their specific talents and expertise to advise and advance the Cook Center as it expands its research into the causes of and solutions to disparities in modern life.

The naming of these Distinguished Fellows, who span the breadth of the social sciences and whose specific distinctions and accomplishments are detailed below, represents both an honorific and an appreciation for their extensive body of work in investigating and understanding the inequalities that exist throughout society. These appointments are made in recognition of their contribution both to scholarship and other knowledge areas. As the Cook Center grows its research program and other activities in the coming years, it will draw upon the expertise of its Distinguished Fellows to guide this development.

Distinguished Fellows will serve in an indefinite advisory role to the Cook Center’s ongoing and future areas of research. The Cook Center anticipates naming additional Distinguished Fellows in subsequent years.

The Distinguished Fellows’ engagement with the Cook Center will strengthen our capacity to fulfill our central mission: identification of the best policies to improve social mobility, expand quality education, guarantee well paid employment, ensure wide access to public health and medical services, enhance opportunities for wealth and asset building, and assure safe and fair participation in the political process.

- William A. "Sandy" Darity Jr., Founding Director of the Cook Center


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