How does your gift help the Cook Center?

Since beginning in the mid-2010s, the Cook Center has steadily and robustly developed its research, programming, multimedia, and educational activities. In just its first decade of operations, the Center already has created a host of different working groups that have written and disseminated innumerable reports and academic papers, developed a minor in inequality studies in conjunction with the Duke History department, published multiple books, launched a podcast, and created and sustained programs to support young scholars and tenure-track researchers.

Your donation enables the Cook Center to continue existing programming, maintain ongoing research, and support current faculty and staff at the Center. Gifts are also crucial in recruiting new faculty and faculty affiliates to the Cook Center, as well as in developing important new verticals of social equity research.

 Why Social Equity?

Donors choose to promote social equity because they understand issues of inequality are widespread, interconnected, and persistent. The modern-day disparities that the Cook Center researches, from the racial wealth gap to differences in life expectancy to unequal educational access, did not arise overnight. Alleviating these problems and building a more equitable society will require significant time, resources, and effort.

But by committing to and supporting this important work of remedying the uneven and unfair effects of past policies, we believe that we can help establish a brighter world—in Durham, in North Carolina, in the United States, and globally—both in the present and for the future.