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Black Reparations and Child Well-Being: A Framework and Policy Considerations

Black Reparations and Child Well-Being: A Framework and Policy Considerations The following is a working…

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Stratification Economics: A Primer and an Explanation on Opposition to Affirmative Action

Abstract In this chapter, stratification economics provides a vehicle for analyzing attitudes toward affirmative action….

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Are Leaders Still Presumed White by Default? Racial Bias in Leader Categorization Revisited

About the report In the United States, leaders of the highest valued companies, best-ranked universities,…

Understanding the Effects of Windfalls: What People Do with Financial Payouts, and What It Means for Policy

What happens when individuals receive infusions of money-large or small? This report by Cook Center…

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Increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the fields of nutrition and obesity: A road map to equity in academia

Samantha L. Martin, Michelle I. Cardel, Tiffany L. Carson, James O. Hill, Takara Stanley, Steven…

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Prison Hospital Data Is Omitted From Federal Data Sets

Given the evident impact on health and the historical inequities of the criminal legal system,…

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The 5Ws of Racial Equity in Research: A Framework for Applying a Racial Equity Lens Throughout the Research Process

Abstract Ensuring equity in research is a critical step in advancing health equity. In this…

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Alternatives to the scarcity principle

Abstract Dominion of the scarcity principle as the basis for economic analysis is virtually absolute…