Duke Immerse Final Projects

As part of the Cook Center’s Duke Immerse program on Global Inequalities, undergraduate students crafted papers, presentations, ethnographies, and more to explore and document the specific inequities on display in education, wealth, health, and throughout society. With the semester-long program finishing up in late April, we now are highlighting this outstanding set of student work.

In the collection below, you will find comparisons of American and Chinese educational systems, as well as investigations of the roles of racialized tracking and respect in the American iteration and affirmative action in both; perspectives on long-term, global trends of economic disparities and on how wealth inequality in the U.S. will exacerbate the effects of the current pandemic; parsings of how social position varies both between Black, White, and Biracial Americans and based on parenting style; and considerations of various policies–be they immigration laws or municipality housing referendums–that have restricted the wealth accumulation of non-White Americans throughout history.

Above all, you will find a series of sharp and incisive analyses from bright young minds. Please take the time to read, enjoy, and learn from them.