Race, reparations and the allegory of the roach

Leo Weekly

By: Ricky L. Jones

April 22, 2020

From Father Divine to Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore to the brilliant Sandy Darity, even reasonable ideas on reparations are never given serious attention when presented. It will remain that way unless America is somehow forced to do otherwise.


Because America doesn’t really give a damn about Black people and their suffering. It’s just that simple.

COVID-19 has prompted understandable questions about everything from the viability of America’s healthcare systems to financial structures. Maybe the U.S. is (and has always been) a sham, a lie held together with spit and sticky tape. I don’t know if America is broke financially, but I am quite sure it is broken morally. The ongoing effects of the country’s “second sin,” the enslavement and continued mistreatment of Blacks, shines a bright light on that fact. (Note: America’s “original sin” was the robbing, demonization and slaughter of Native Americans).

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