NCSSM Students Shine at Annual Research Showcase Under Mentorship of Cook Center Faculty

Durham, NC — Every year students at the North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM) come together to showcase a year’s worth of research projects, culminating in a significant presentation event. Among these students were four of our student researchers who presented their in-depth investigations into various issues under the guidance of esteemed Cook Center Faculty Affiliates.

Avery Prince, mentored by Dr. Joaquín Alfredo-Angel Rubalcaba, presented his findings from, “Checkpoint Shift: Profiling Hispanic Motorists Under the §287(g) Program.” Rishika Jalagam, mentored by  Dr. Ayinwi Muma, presented her findings on the “Intergenerational Transmission of the American Dream.” Netra Parikh, mentored by Dr. Kristen Stephens, discussed methods of “Increasing Equity through Pedagogical Approach in Gifted Education.” Lastly, Maruthi Vemula, mentored by Dr. Quran Karriem, presented “Legislative Information Simplification and Enhancement System for Mitigating Information Asymmetry in Governmental Policies” (LISES).

These students have not only taken steps to understand their fields of interest, but are setting a promising path for their future academic and professional endeavors. We commend their hard work and dedication to concepts in social equity and look forward to their continued success in their undergraduate studies.

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