Boyd Essay Included in Latest “What Works” Edition

Dr. Clinton Boyd, Jr., postdoctoral associate in the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity, has published an essay in the fifth and most recent edition of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s What Works series.

The essay, “Untapped Assets: Developing a Strategy to Empower Black Fathers in Mixed-Income Communities,” provides an overview of how exclusionary housing policy, in conjunction with large-scale trends towards mass incarceration, have “historically constrained opportunities for black fathers.”

Moreover, Boyd and co-author Deirdre Oakley of Georgia State propose that “the time has come for a radical reconceptualization of how we engage black fathers in U.S. housing policy initiatives.” With suggestions ranging from amending federal housing policy to be less punitive to revamping the Federal Child Support System and more, the authors envision a society that will allow young fathers to overcome the powerful forces that have long excluded them–and unlock the full potential of these men to be a positive influence on their community.

The full essay, along with all of its companions in the What Works to Promote Inclusive, Equitable Mixed-Income Communities edition, can be read here.