Embodied: Everyone Is Talking About Race Right Now. But How And For How Long?



June 11, 2020

Interracial couples may be approaching conversations about racism from difficult angles than usual in this moment — or engaging the topic directly for the very first time. White friends are struggling with how to approach their black friends during this time, and black friends are finding it challenging to field an influx of “check-ins” from friends and colleagues who’ve rarely talked to them about race or racism before. On this week’s “Embodied,” host Anita Rao will talk to Sarah E. Gaither, assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University, Rain Bennett, filmmaker and host of The Storytelling Lab podcast, Priska Neely, reporter/producer for the podcast and website Reveal, and Candace Manriquez Wrenn, director and producer for NPR’s Marketplace about navigating cross-racial conversations in a time of civil unrest.

Candace Manriquez Wrenn is a black woman married to a “white-presenting” man (he’s part-Japanese, but perceived by most as white). It is the second marriage for both of them, and both have children from previous relationships. “I live in race. I mean, I’m a black woman…. From the very beginning, we talked about race on a daily basis.” Manriquez Wrenn says. “I have children from a previous marriage. My husband was going to have to take on black children if he wanted to be with me.”

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