Social Mobility Working Group

The Social Mobility Working Group seeks to broadly identify mechanisms that are driving (or slowing) social mobility and to track their connections with levels of wellbeing, state types, national policies, structural inequalities, and other societal features (including networks, norms and practices).

The group's initial objectives are as follows:

  • Develop a network of scholars across disciplines, bringing different perspectives to the study of social mobility
  • Jointly review existing studies from different parts of the world and diverse methodologies and disciplinary approaches
  • Identify important gaps and potential opportunities for pushing this research frontier
  • Work toward the formation of collaborative research groups, designing and undertaking research projects in different parts of the world
  • And most importantly,

Leadership Team

  • Pablo Beramendi, Co-Director of Working Group on Social Mobility and Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Anirudh Krishna, Co-Director of Working Group on Social Mobility and Professor of Public Policy and Political Science