Oil and Blood: The Color of Wealth in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Is this the “Golden Age” of Behavioral Genetics?

The Color of Wealth in Baltimore

Still Running Up the Down Escalator: How Narratives Shape our Understanding of Racial Wealth Inequality

Black Wall Street of the South: From Reconstruction to the Pandemic

Federal Job Guarantee as a Proposition for Enhancing Economic Efficiencies and Business Competitiveness

Baltimore Study: Credit Scores

Race, Phenotype, and Economic Disparities: Evidence from Los Angeles, California

Priorities And Challenges: Wealth Management Among Affluent African-American Families

Ensuring A More Equitable Future: Exploring and Measuring the Relationship between Family Wealth, Education Debt, and Wealth Accumulation

The Association between Wealth Inequality and Socioeconomic Outcomes

Improving Human Health in China Through Alternative Energy

Message Received? The Effect of Academic Socialization on NCAA Athletes’ Grades

Shades of Black: Gendered denominational variation in depression symptoms among Black Christians

Denominational and Gender Differences in Hypertension Among African American Christian Young Adults

Education and COVID-19: Landscape Analysis of Impact Indicators


Federal Job Guarantee as a Proposition for Enhancing Economic Efficiencies and Business Effectiveness

A Subaltern Middle Class: The Case of the Missing “Black Bourgeoisie” in America

Isolation: an Alternative to the “Acting White” Hypothesis in Explaining Black Under-Enrollment in Advanced Courses

Baby Bonds: A Universal Path to Ensure the Next Generation Has the Capital to Thrive

Growing sense of social status threat and concomitant deaths of despair among whites

City Economic Equity Rankings: Analysis of 21 U.S. Cities

Entering Entrepreneurship

23 and We: Stories of Race in Genetic Ancestry Testing Advertisements

Running the Numbers on Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

Unlocking Assets: Building Women’s Wealth Through Business Ownership

National Investment Employment Corps

Investigating Denominational and Church Attendance Differences in Obesity and Diabetes in Black Christian Men and Women

Inequity in Place

The Plunder of Black Wealth in Chicago

Increasing Public Power to Increase Competition

The Color of Wealth in Miami

Racial/ethnic socialization for White youth: What we know and future directions

Consistently inconsistent: An examination of the variability in the identification of emotional disturbance

Bold Policies for Puerto Rico

A Public Banking Option

Fifty Years After the Kerner Commission Report: Place, Housing, and Racial Wealth Inequality in Los Angeles

How Does It Feel to Be a Problem? The Missing Kerner Commission Report

Race, Unemployment, and Mental Health in the USA

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