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Advancing Social Equity Research

Within the Center’s rich interdisciplinary community, our research scholars pursue projects across various fields of inquiry as well as with researchers at Duke and scholars throughout the world.

Research & Publications

Adult happiness and prior traumatic victimization in and out of the household

Abstract A large share of the American population suffers from traumatic experiences early in life….

Mere Membership in Racially Diverse Groups Reduces Conformity

Understanding conformity-the tendency for an individual to agree with a majority position-is crucial to understanding…

Low wealth and economic insecurity among middle-class blacks in Boston

This qualitative study offers insights from interviews with both African American and Caribbean-ancestry blacks, disabusing…

Front cover of book "a dream defaulted: the student loan crisis among Black borrowers"

Let’s Talk Sex: A Pilot Study of Sexual History Elicitation by Providers of STD Services in Leon County, Florida

Abstract An estimated one million sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are reported annually in the United…

Investigating Denominational and Church Attendance Differences in Obesity and Diabetes in Black Christian Men and Women

Often, investigations of the relationships between religious denomination and diabetes and obesity do not consider…

Inequity in Place

40 percent of Americans are obese, but these numbers cut along racial lines. As socioeconomic…

W. E. B. Du Bois

Book chapter: Redress or Socialism? W. E. B. Du Bois’s Silence on Black American Reparations

Chapter Authors: James B. Stewart and William A. Darity, Jr. Book: The Oxford Handbook of…

Overhead view on black letters carved on small wooden blocks spelling wealth or health on wood table surface

Foreword – Special Issue on Health Equity

The COVID-19 pandemic made clear the essential nature of health equity. In this special issue…