Journal Articles

Journal Articles


Position and Possessions: Stratification Economics and Intergroup Inequality

Abstract This article provides an overview of the origins and development of stratification economics as…


Returns in the Labor Market: A Nuanced View of Penalties at the Intersection of Race and Gender in the US

Abstract There have been decades of research on wage gaps for groups based on their…

two people with the sides of their heads touching and zoomed in to see one eye from each person

About Face: Seeing Class and Race

Social class, and perceptions of one’s social class, can significantly affect one’s life opportunities and…

doctor on a zoom call

Telemedicine services in higher education: a review of college and university websites

Authors aimed to identify rates of telemedicine provision during the COVID-19 pandemic and predictive institutional…

a pair of hands cusped together

Depression in the African American Christian Community: Examining Denominational and Gender Differences

Religion and spirituality are a common method in African American communities for coping with various…

rolled money bill with Lincoln's face centered and a red rubber band wrapped above and below Lincoln's eye

The Cumulative Costs of Racism and the Bill for Black Reparations

Abstract Two major procedures for establishing the monetary value of a plan for reparations for…

zoomed in dna

Is this the “Golden Age” of Behavioral Genetics?

Evan Charney, a senior researcher at the Cook Center, recently published a technical report, “Is…

Black man with back towards camera facing an empty congregation in a church

Shades of Black: Gendered denominational variation in depression symptoms among Black Christians

When considering mechanisms to improve one’s physical and mental health, practitioners often look to social…