Education & Training

Duke undergraduate and graduate students participate in vertically integrated research teams with the aim to create a pipeline of scholars from Duke and other institutions to work on issues of social inequality. The application process is open to postdoctoral fellows who are able to spend up to two years as researchers at the Cook Center on Social Equity.

Students already are heavily involved with the GIRI's semester-long seminars. The objective of the seminar is to create a setting where students can generate research papers of a high enough quality that they can be published in professional journals. The papers produced during the 2014 spring semester will appear in the Review of Black Political Economy. We also have both graduate and undergraduate students who are working as research associates with the Cook Center.


Diversity Initiative for Tenure in Economics

The Diversity Initiative for Tenure in Economics (DITE) is a research mentoring program that facilitates successful transition from junior faculty status to tenured associate professor for economists from underrepresented groups (especially blacks, Latinos and Native Americans).

The persistent gross underrepresentation of economists from these groups in the ranks of university faculty, particularly in economics departments, makes it imperative that special efforts be made to insure that junior faculty from these groups produce a research and teaching profile that will lead to promotion and tenure. While the American Economic Association (AEA) supports the professional development of economists from underrepresented groups through the AEA Summer Program and Minority Scholarship Program and through the Mentoring Program, DITE is the only program designed to support black, Latino, and Native American economists.

Currently, Darrick Hamilton a professor at The New School, and Omari Swinton, a professor at Howard, serve as associate directors of the program. Both Hamilton and Swinton were mentored through the DITE program and now are tenured at their respective institutions. 

DITE fellows have placed papers in highly regarded economics journals including Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Econometrics, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Development Economics, Review of Finance, Review of Economics and Statistic, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Journal of Development Studies, and Applied Economic Letters.

Fellows also have placed papers in top journals in other disciplines, e.g. American Sociological Review (Sociology) and American Journal of Public Health (Epidemiology). 

DITE fellow Dania Francis was selected as a Lily Fellow for Teaching Excellence. New appointments as of April 2018 include Andrea Smythe and Jevay Grooms, who will join the Howard University Economics Department. DITE fellow Mark Paul will join the New College of Florida Economics Department. Lisa Cook received the in Field Award from the W.E.B. DuBois Society.