Shahrazad Shareef

Research Associate and Assistant Director of the Inequality Studies Minor

Shahrazad Shareef is a scholar who seeks the end of labor exploitation and freedom from contemporary systems of domination. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, her undergraduate training led to a BA in Economics and in 2021 she completed a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Duke University. Her academic writing is broadly concerned with global regimes of capital accumulation during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the critique of modern social sciences, and the economic history of Italy. Using humanistic analytical frameworks first pioneered by Italian autonomist and the postcolonial traditions, her projects investigate contemporary shifts in valorization, forms of work, and debt. Her dissertation examined the origins of economic development in Italy in the immediate post-war era. At the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity, she will focus on expanding the distribution of the center’s insights on inequality and drawing attention to the minor in inequality studies. Fiercely committed to the advancement of the working poor, she looks forward to building relationships with staff, students, and faculty across the university.

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