Prentiss Dantzler

Faculty Affiliate; Policing, Enforcement, and Justice Working Group

Prentiss Dantzler is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Faculty Advisor to the School of Cities at the University of Toronto. He also is a Research Associate with the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities at Case Western University. Previously, he held faculty appointments at Georgia State University and Colorado College. His research focuses on housing policy, neighborhood change, and residential mobility with a particular focus on urban poverty, social welfare policies, race and ethnic relations, and community development. Dantzler’s work has been published in various academic journals and popular media outlets. His work has also been supported by the Fulbright Scholars Program, the Natural Hazards Center, and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council. Prentiss received his Ph.D. in Public Affairs with a concentration in Community Development from Rutgers University-Camden. He also holds an M.P.A. from West Chester University and a B.S. from Penn State University.

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