Jorge Zumaeta

Visiting Professor and Senior Research Scientist

Participation in DITE: Cohort 11 Fellow

 Florida International University

(305) 348-1690

Dr. Jorge N. Zumaeta is a distinguished researcher with a primary focus on socioeconomic development, applied econometrics, equitable growth, social equity, economic policy, and policy assessment. With an impressive 20-year career as a research economist, he has demonstrated remarkable success by publishing 51 significant research studies and co-authoring an additional 62 project evaluations and analyses. Dr. Zumaeta’s expertise extends beyond academia, as he has provided invaluable consulting services in the development of state and local guidelines and performance measures for workforce development programs.

Before assuming his current role as the Senior Director at Florida International University – Academic Planning and Accountability, Dr. Zumaeta held the position of Regional Economist at the Florida Department of Labor, where he made notable contributions to economic analysis and policy evaluation. His exceptional academic achievements have been recognized through his appointment as a Fulbright Research Scholar in Economics. Dr. Zumaeta holds a BA and MS in Economics from Florida Atlantic University, and he further advanced his education by earning a Ph.D. from Tilburg University.

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