Jennifer Richeson

Distinguished Fellow, Class of 2023

Jennifer Richeson is the Philip R. Allen Professor of Psychology at Yale University and the head of the Social Perception and Communication Lab. Dr. Richeson’s research examines phenomena related to cultural diversity: how people experience racial and other forms of societal diversity, how they navigate individual interracial interactions, and the political consequences of the increasing racial/ethnic diversity of the United States. Richeson’s work hopes to develop a better understanding of intergroup relations and how best to foster cohesive, culturally diverse environments.

More recently, Dr. Richeson’s research has considered people’s treatment of and responses to societal inequality and injustice, examining multiple consequences of managing the threats associated with being the target of discrimination. Her op-eds on these topics and more have been published in many national print and online outlets.

Among other accolades, Dr. Richeson is a member of the National Academy of Sciences (elected 2015) and the American Philosophical Society (elected 2022).

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