Fall 2019: “Race, Gender, and Entrepreneurship”

Course Description

The goal of the class was to navigate the students through a rigorous process that introduces them to the research process.  This included some exposure to qualitative and quantitative methodology.  It introduced students to data gathering, cleaning, analysis, and presentation.  When students completed the course, they had a better understanding of both the dynamics of race, gender, and entrepreneurship discreetly and at their intersections, as well as the academic research process.  Both advanced undergraduate students and graduate students gained value from this course. In all Global Inequality Research Institute courses, the goal is to immerse students in open-ended research, only with the guidelines of exploring a component of the semester’s theme. Students should not only be able to conduct research, but also share it. This semester, students had the opportunity to share their research at a national conference sponsored by JP Morgan Chase and at the Capstone conference at the end of the semester. The final component of sharing is the goal of having the research paper published in a Social Science journal.

Click here for more pictures from our capstone event.

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