Aaron Colston

Postdoctoral Associate


Room A207, Erwin Mill

Aaron Colston is a recent Ph.D in History working on the modern United States. He brings a comparative and transnational perspective on issues in education, political culture, and societal development. His current project examines how activist-educators and intellectuals campaigned for literacy on the periphery of the U.S. South and Northeast of Brazil, forming a common “grassroots school” of liberation pedagogy. By promoting rights to education, first-class citizenship, housing, and healthcare among Black and mixed-race populations, this liberation pedagogy confronted the enduring legacy of slavery even into the advent of the Cold War.

As Postdoctoral Associate with the Cook Center, Aaron will design and teach iterations of the Global Inequality Research Initiative (GIRI) seminar and other courses developed by the Cook Center. He will also assist the Cook Center Education Working Group to deepen ties with other departments and programs across the university, and the Hank and Billye Suber Aaron Young Scholars Summer Research Institute to create new curricular offerings and research modules for the students.


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