Duke University scholars conduct in-depth exchange with Renmin University of China on issues related to education and poverty

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Renmin University of China

Dr. Gwendolyn L. Wright, on behalf of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University, visited Renmin University of China on November  22nd. Both Dr. Wright and Renmin University faculty introduced their research work and discussed the future cooperation. Renmin School of Education wishes to promote further academic and research links with the Cook Center for Social Equity at Duke University.

Dr. Gwendolyn L. Wright delivered a lecture entitled "The Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity: Engaging Inequality with an interdisciplinary and collaborative framework to teachers and students from Renmin University of China." Gwendolyn L. Wright introduced the structure and research work of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center. She pointed that the feature of Cook Center is “A Global Vision-Local Contexts”. Then she comprehensively presented Cook Center from various aspects, such as center structure, disciplines of affiliated faculty and staff, research themes, major collaborators, policy impact and etc. Gwendolyn L. Wright also made a report about her own research in Gender, Race and Class in Higher Education. The research examines ways in which gender, race, and class constructed as an intersectional paradigm influences the professional and personal development of African American women prior to and during their tenure as college presidents.

Students from education, law, economic, finance and journalism took part in the lecture. They were interested in the research conducted by the Cook Center. They asked their questions arisen in the lecture, and got satisfactory answers from Dr.Gwendolyn L. Wright. In the afternoon, Dr. Gwendolyn L. Wright had a meeting with Professor Hu Juan, Dr. Pan Kunfeng, Dr. Cui sheng and several postgraduates from Education School of Renmin University.









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