Americans Want More Than Just Money to Live On

Monday, April 3, 2017
Bloomberg View

"William Darity of Duke University has been a particularly avid promoter of a job guarantee. He describes it thus: Any American 18 years or older would be able to find work through a federally funded public service employment program -- a "National Investment Employment Corps."… Each National Investment Employment Corps job would offer individuals non-poverty wages, a minimum salary of $20,000, plus benefits including federal health insurance. The types of jobs offered could address the maintenance and construction of the nation's physical and human infrastructure, from building roads, bridges, dams and schools, to staffing high quality day care. There is no shortage of work to be done. Even beyond the tasks Darity lists, the U.S. is full of jobs that need doing, from elder care to renovation of old decaying buildings, to cleanup of lead and other pollution, to construction and staffing of transit systems."

"Darity estimates the cost of the program at $750 billion a year, Spross at $670 billion. That’s about equivalent to all of the U.S.’s current anti-poverty programs, and would be about twice the size of the old WPA. So this would be a very big deal. But the true cost to society would be considerably less, because the jobs would provide value. Better infrastructure, more child care and elder care, and a cleaner, healthier environment would make the nation a richer, better place to live -- in other words, those benefits should defray much of the program’s cost. Also, the program would take people off of the welfare rolls and cut government anti-poverty spending. Finally, even when the economy isn’t in a recession, more income will probably increase demand in the local economy."

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