Here's what you missed at Saturday's Critical Race Theory Symposium

The Daily Tar Heel, Monday, March 25, 2019
UNC students, faculty members, law school affiliates and practicing attorneys gathered for the Critical Race Theory Symposium at the UNC School of Law on Saturday. Although a majority of Americans indicate that race relations are a problem, few people discuss consequences of racial inequalities... Read More »

Duke University Professor Shares His Guidelines for Slave Reparations

Ebony, Monday, March 25, 2019
Duke University professor of economics William Darity Jr. recently spoke on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal call-in show about reparations for the African descendants of slaves and the role the issue plays in the 2020 presidential campaign. “Reparations is a... Read More »

Living with the past: reparations

Monocle, Saturday, March 23, 2019
How do you put a price on historical injustice and who should pay for it? In the final part of this series, Andrew Mueller explores practical solutions to these difficult and often divisive questions. Deena Hayes-Greene and Dr William “Sandy” Darity make the case for reparations for centuries of... Read More »

2020 Democrats begin to approach topic of reparations for black Americans

CBS News, Friday, March 22, 2019
In a CNN town hall in March, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren became the latest candidate to bring one of the most controversial political topics in America into the spotlight: "I believe it's time to start the national full-blown conversation about reparations in this... Read More »

William Darity on Reparations and Campaign 2020

C-SPAN, Thursday, March 21, 2019
Duke University professor William Darity talked about reparations and the role they could play in the 2020 presidential campaign. He spoke via video link from Durham, North Carolina. View the video here. 

The Cases For Reparations: How 2020 Presidential Candidates Address The Issue

WBUR, Thursday, March 21, 2019
Guests Errin Haines Whack, national writer on race and ethnicity for the Associated Press, covering the 2020 presidential election. (@emarvelous) William Darity, professor of public policy; African and African-American Studies; and economics at Duke University. Director of Duke’s Samuel... Read More »

Only Large Policy Interventions Such As Reparations Can Shrink The Racial Wealth Gap

Forbes, Thursday, March 21, 2019
As this presidential campaign season gets under way, the racial wealth gap is getting a fair amount of attention. African-Americans typically have about one-tenth the wealth of whites. Several presidential hopefuls such as former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro as well... Read More »

It’s presidential campaign season. Time to talk about reparations again.

Think Progress, Thursday, March 21, 2019
Like clockwork, the issue of reparations for descendants of U.S. slaves surfaces every presidential election cycle, and it’s back on the campaign agenda in 2020. To be sure, mounting scholarly research and aggressive community activism has made it increasingly obvious to many Americans that the... Read More »

Should black Americans get slavery reparations?

BBC, Thursday, March 21, 2019
How does a country recover from centuries of slavery and racism? In the US, a growing number of voices are saying the answer is reparations. Reparations are a restitution for slavery - an apology and repayment to black citizens whose ancestors were forced into the slave trade. It's a policy... Read More »


Electronic Urban Report, Thursday, March 21, 2019
*In recent weeks as Democratic candidates have announced their bid for the Presidential nomination of the party, the national discussion is shifting from the U.S.-Mexico border and DACA to a reckoning with America’s original sin: chattel slavery. From Kamala Harris to Elizabeth Warren,... Read More »