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The Cook Center, Monday, August 31, 2015
Browse through photos from Cook Center events this summer, including the celebration of the center’s formal naming on Aug. 24, the Young Scholars Summer Research Institute held in July, and the center’s June retreat where a team of scholars helped develop the Center’s strategic vision. 

Celebration: The Naming of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity

The Cook Center, Thursday, August 27, 2015
As students returned to class for the start of the fall 2015 semester, nearly 200 people joined Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook and his family to celebrate the naming of the Duke University's first center on social equity after him. The center -- the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity... Read More »

Ph.D. Student Janelle Jones Awarded Grant

Washington Center for Equitable Growth, Sunday, August 23, 2015
Ph.D. student Janelle Jones of Duke's Sanford School of Public Policy, has received a one-year doctoral grant from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. Jones, who specializes in economics, will conduct research on the impact of intergenerational transfer of wealth... Read More »

Young Scholars Summer Research Institute Helps Durham Youth Develop Writing, Research Skills

Duke Today, Monday, August 17, 2015
Through the Young Scholars Summer Research Institute, Durham Public School students in 8th, 9th and 10th grades spent two weeks developing writing and research skills and learning about the intersection of wealth, racial, legal, housing, gender, and educational Inequalities as well as... Read More »

Study Finds Education Does Not Close Racial Wealth Gap

NPR, Monday, August 17, 2015
It's no secret that the great recession took its toll on the wealth of millions of Americans. Conventional wisdom held that people with college degrees did not feel the pinch nearly so much as those with less formal education. A new study out today from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis... Read More »

Racial Wealth Gap Persists Despite Degree, Study Says

New York Times, Sunday, August 16, 2015
William A. Darity Jr., a professor of public policy at the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University, points out that a family headed by a black college graduate has less wealth on average than a family headed by a white high school dropout. Read more: http://www.nytimes... Read More »

William Darity on Discrimination, a Job Guarantee, and Baby Bonds (AUDIO)

LBO News From Doug Henwood, Thursday, August 13, 2015
Darity discusses both the federal job guarantee program and baby bonds in depth with journalist Doug Henwood.   Listen to the audio interview 

Russell Sage Foundation: Darity a Visiting Scholar for 2015-16 Academic Year

Russell Sage Foundation, Monday, August 10, 2015
Last month the Russell Sage Foundation announced the appointment of sixteen leading social scientists, including William A. Darity of Duke University, as visiting scholars for the 2015-2016 academic year. During their time in residence, the scholars will pursue research and writing projects that... Read More »

Young Scholars Summer Research Institute Helps Durham Youth Develop Writing, Research Skills

Duke Today , Saturday, August 1, 2015
Interested in developing your research, writing, and presentation skills around issues of social justice and equity? Apply to the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity's Young Scholars Summer Research Institute. Overview:  The Young Scholars Summer Research... Read More »

Student Debt Undermining Advantages for College Minorities

Washington Examiner, Wednesday, July 29, 2015
The average black household headed by a college graduate has a median wealth of $23,000, about $160,000 less than those of their college-educated white peers, according to a study by New York's New School found. Read more: Read More »