There's a new Democratic agenda taking shape. It's more and more progressive. Can it survive success?

Monday, April 30, 2018

This marks a return, in large part, to the Democrats' "New Deal" ethos. It's not a coincidence progressives have been citing President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Second Bill of Rights" in some recent messaging. Nor that the party named its official policy slate, introduced last summer, the "Better Deal." Though snarked upon by some at the time, and largely drowned out initially by, of all things, the unusual public exhibition of Jared Kushner's voice, it represented yet another sign of the Democratic establishment's shifting ideological moorings.

As Duke public policy professor William Darity Jr. told CNN recently, during a conversation about the growing support among Senate Democrats for the jobs guarantee policy he's helped craft and push for years, the party's decades-old habit of "self-censoring themselves before they put forth legislation to be considered" seems to be diminishing.

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