"Race in the United States" Course Offered at The New School

Friday, August 18, 2017
The New School News

Building on the success of Post-Election America — a free weekly course that brought together New School faculty members from a cross section of disciplines to reflect upon and explore the implications of the most recent presidential election — The New School’s Provost’s Office is now offering Race in the United States, a follow-up course for Fall 2017.

Coordinated by Milano School faculty members Maya Wiley, Michelle DePass, and Darrick Hamilton, the course will bring together scholars, experts, and thought leaders to examine such issues as racial stratification, implicit bias, and the complex, intersectional relationships between race, gender, and class.

The course will help to answer such questions as: “What impact do racialized discourses have on such issues as the social safety net, immigration, criminal justice, technology, voting, and urban policy?" Race in the United States is The New School’s second University course on post-election America and is sponsored by the Provost’s Office and the 2017 Henry Cohen Lecture Series.

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