The Progressive Agenda Now: Jobs and Medicare for All

Monday, April 3, 2017
The American Prospect

"A federal job guarantee: One of the many bad ideas in the failed Republican health-care bill was a Medicaid work requirement. As we explained in a recent op-ed, most people who can work already do, and those who don’t are often faced with a lack of available jobs, transportation options, child-care services, or other work supports."

"Lawmakers serious about providing work opportunities for people, rather than unnecessary and unrealistic requirements, should instead back a federal job guarantee. This proposal, outlined recently by Mark Paul, Sandy Darity, and Darrick Hamilton in Jacobin and by Jeff Spross in Democracy, is straightforward: the federal government would provide a job, with salary and benefits, to anyone who wanted one and didn’t have one. A job guarantee could simultaneously lower un- and underemployment while providing critically needed labor in fields ranging from infrastructure to education to child and elder care."

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