Opinion: Creating a humanitarian crisis -- while ignoring U.S. history

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
The Herald Sun

In an effort to "send a message" to potential asylum seekers from Mexico and Central America, the Trump administration and the Jeff Sessions-led Justice Department have created a humanitarian crisis on the border.

In May, the administration began separating children from their parents at the border, after thousands of asylum-seekers found their way to northern Mexico in hopes of escaping the crime and violence that has become the norm in their Central American homes.

It is difficult to overstate the cruelty of this policy, or to imagine the trauma that forced separation is likely to inflict upon children and families. For a party of "family values," Republicans have shown a remarkable tolerance for what can be termed psychological torture and terror by supporting routine family separation. But as long as we turn a blind eye to what our government is doing, none of us is free of complicity.

Read the full article by Eladio Bobadilla, PhD Candidate in United States History at Duke University, here.