Hillary Clinton's economic dream team

Monday, August 22, 2016
The Week

"The election isn't here yet, but it's looking more and more likely Hillary Clinton will trounce Donald Trump in November. Speculation over who she might appoint as advisors and agency heads has already commenced. And like anyone else, I have got my own opinions about who Clinton should pick, particularly when it comes to the economics positions. So here are a few ideas. There are some obvious liberal powerhouses in economics that Clinton could go with, like Larry Summers or Paul Krugman. This list aims to be a bit more creative. Some of the choices might be better as heads of agencies, like Treasury or Labor, or as deputies at those institutions. And some might be better in advisory rolls at the National Economic Council (NEC) or the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA). But to my mind, they all have the necessary qualifications and policy chops, as well as a willingness to think outside the box:

5. William "Sandy" Darity is a professor of economics and public policy at Duke University. His decades of work focus on how inequality and economic stratification affect African-Americans, and intertwine with our country's long history of racial injustice. He's explored ideas ranging from the job guarantee, to providing all Americans with a pre-stocked savings account upon adulthood, to how to desegregate the school system. Most interestingly, Darity has worked on how a real-world economic policy of reparations for the historic damage done to black Americans by slavery and segregation could be put together."

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