Duke History Revisited Round-Up

Monday, September 19, 2016
Duke University Libraries

"This summer, the University Archives offered a new program for undergraduate students called Duke History Revisited. The idea was to give students a chance to dig into the University’s history and tell the stories of people and events that were not widely known. On September 19th, the program’s eight students came together to recap their research projects. During the event, each student briefly introduced their topic, highlighted their research discoveries, and offered their own insight into Duke’s history. Bob Korstad, Associate Director of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center, Director of the Initiative on Poverty and Social Justice, and professor of public policy and history, participated in the event and spoke about the act of doing research or reflecting on the past."

Read more and explore the exhibitions: https://blogs.library.duke.edu/rubenstein/2016/09/09/dhr-event/