Dr. William Darity & A. Kirsten Mullen Quoted in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Article on Reparations, Black Health & Wellbeing

A backdrop of a graph with lines representing worsening and improving health outcomes. Black people move toward the positive trend leading to a better quality of life.

Cook Center Founding Director Dr. William "Sandy" Darity, Jr. and A. Kirsten Mullen were recently referenced in an article by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation titled How Reparations Could Improve Black Health and Wellbeing.

In the article, Dr. Mary T. Bassett, M.D., the director of Harvard’s FXB Center for Health and Human Rights and former health commissioner for the state of New York, describes how reparations can close the life expectancy gap for Black people in America.

Referencing Dr. Darity and Ms. Mullen, Dr. Bassett states:

William Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen offered a key insight when they proposed the Black-White wealth gap as the primary metric for measuring the impact of 250 years of enslavement, 90 years of Jim Crow, and 60 years of “separate but equal.” They proposed that eliminating the wealth gap should be the goal of reparations, which they argued should be monetary and delivered at the household or individual level.