Saturday, June 22, 2019
Electronic Urban Report

*After a thirty year hiatus, on Capitol Hill, the Congressional Black Caucus, headed by Sheila Jackson Lee, held monumental and historic hearings earlier this week on reparations and the possible passing of the HR 40 bill that has stalled in congress for decades.

 ADOS/American Descendants of Slavery is a lineage based group, and political block of descendants of slavery and foundational native ( indigenous ) Black Americans.

The political group was founded by attorney Antonio MooreYvette Carnell, political strategist, and Duke University economist Dr Sandy Darity. They, along with the new black media, have literally created an online nationwide movement through YouTube as well as social media platforms that has sparked a flame not seen since the black revolution of the 60s and has propelled these new young political activists into the headlines, the halls of Congress , onto the streets of every city and into the American psyche.

ados - reparations - congress hallway2 - lots of people - close up.JPG.jpeg
ados - reparations - congress hallway1

The Delegation of 100+  witnessed  the hearings which at times resembled testimonies and lobbied  other congresspersons who had not yet signed the reparations bill, to do so.

The organic/grass roots civil rights activists and influencers arrived in Washington from across the country to personally attend the event.

New media influencers such as Tone Talks, Breaking Brown, Tariq Nasheed Radio,  Professor Black Truth, B1 Brigade, Black Dollar University, The Black Authority,  and several dozen other on-line collaborators  aligned their collective  1 million + audiences all together on one important issue: “Reparations a Justice Claim for ADOS” … combining forces, allowing them to control the mainstream news narrative and ultimately pressuring  the powers that be into resurrecting  the once dead  and buried H40 Bill and placing it at the top of the Democratic Presidential 2020 priority list.

ados - reparations - inside hearing

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