A New Book Gives a Roadmap for Making Reparations a Reality

Banner for the Black Reparations Project book

By Jasmine Gallup May 31, 2023 The Black Reparations Project isn’t an easy read, but it definitely belongs on bedside tables. This collection of essays—edited by Chapel Hill writer A. Kirsten Mullen and Duke economists William Darity Jr. and Lucas Hubbard, with contributions by scholars on the subject—not only presents a persuasive argument for why Americans should make amends to the descendants of slaves but also gives a detailed technical framework on how to do it.

The book, subtitled “A Handbook for Racial Justice,” is a comprehensive follow-up to Mullen and Darity’s award-winning work From Here to Equality, originally published in 2020. It’s a must-read for local, state, and federal politicians; college students studying social justice; and pretty much every American who has ever thought, “Reparations? That’ll never happen.”