Lisa Gennetian headshot

Faculty Affiliate Lisa Gennetian publishes paper in Nature on cash transfers to low-income households

Faculty Affiliate Dr. Lisa Gennetian published a paper in Nature that studies the effects of monthly cash transfers to low-income households. Gennetian, the Pritzker Professor of Early Learning Policy Studies at the Sanford School for Public Policy, was the lead author on the paper, which found that families who received substantial cash transfers during the […]

Professional headshot of William Darity

Founding Director William A. Darity recognized as Duke Centennial Trailblazer

Dr. William A. Darity, Cook Center Founding Director and Samuel DuBois Cook Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and African and African American Studies, has been recognized as a Duke Centennial Trailblazer, an initiative by Duke University to honor 100 years of accomplishments and recognize “the faculty and staff leading us into the next century”. Darity’s […]

Sarah Gaither headshot

Faculty Affiliate Sarah Gaither Discusses Impact of Random Roommate Assignments on Opinion Science Podcast

Faculty Affiliate Dr. Sarah Gaither was recently interviewed on the Opinion Science Podcast about her research into how a random roommate assignment policy affects roommate relationships, attitudes, and behavioral changes based on roommate race. In the paper, published last month in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Gaither, the Nicholas J. and Theresa M. Leonardy […]

Faculty Affiliate Fenaba R. Addo quoted in Duke News and The Charlotte Post on recent research

Faculty Affiliate Dr. Fenaba R. Addo, Associate Professor of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, was  quoted in two stories—for Duke News and for The Charlotte Post—for her recent research on the persistent and growing racial wealth gap in the United States. Addo’s paper—“Setting the Record Straight on Racial Wealth Inequality” was […]

Research Affiliate Eric Griffith publishes paper Linking religious service attendance to lower ADRD rates in Black Americans

Research Affiliate Dr. Eric Griffith published a paper on the relation between religion/spirituality and the rates of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) among Black people in the United States, finding that those who never attended religious services had significantly higher odds of being diagnosed with ADRD than those who attended services more than once […]

Cook Center research featured in Op-Ed on the Racial Wealth Gap

Cook Center research was featured in Op-Ed on the Racial Wealth Gap. Senior Associate in Research and Communications Strategist Amber Holland takes readers through the work of Cook Center researchers to address questions about the Racial Wealth Gap and debunk common myths in their new study “Setting the Record Straight on Racial Wealth Inequality”. […]

Sandy Darity, Kirsten Mullen, and the front cover to the book "The Black Reparations Project"

Founding Director William “Sandy” Darity Interviewed by WUNC on Black Reparations Project

Cook Center Founding Director William A. “Sandy” Darity, Jr., along with writer A. Kirsten Mullen, were recently interviewed by WUNC North Carolina Public Radio to discuss research from their edited volume The Black Reparations Project: A Handbook for Racial Justice. This research demonstrates a direct connection between slavery and today’s racial wealth gap. In the audio […]

Professional headshot of William Darity

Founding Director William A. Darity Jr. quoted in Richmond Free Press

Dr. Darity was quoted in the Richmond Free Press about the failure of Reconstruction to provide freedmen and freedwomen with land following the Civil War. “There would’ve been a territory ranging from the Sea Islands to northern Florida that would’ve been essentially a coastal Black belt community,” he said. Instead, he noted, Black Americans remained […]

Professional headshot of William Darity

Founding Director William A. Darity Jr. speaks about Juneteenth and its significance to Connecticut Public Radio

While many Black Americans have been celebrating Juneteenth since 1865, the holiday has often been overlooked by non-Black Americans. This hour, we look at the tradition of the holiday and recognize its importance as a time to learn more about Black history in the U.S. Alliah L. Agostini is a mom and children’s book author. Her […]

Juneteenth and Beyond: the Historical Context on Inequality in North Carolina

By: Rachel Ruff At the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University, Juneteenth holds profound significance as we reflect on the prolonged journey to freedom for enslaved individuals. Established as a scholarly collaborative dedicated to studying and remedying inequalities, the Cook Center recognizes Juneteenth not only as a pivotal moment in American […]