Fall 2022 GIRI Course: The Pandemic Divide

Fall 2022 GIRI Course: The Pandemic Divide

Global Inequality Research Initiative: The Pandemic Divide will explore inequalities through study of the recent Cook Center publication The Pandemic Divide: How COVID Increased Inequality in America.

Through a series of remote and in-person lectures, undergraduate and graduate students will engage with instructors and guest speakers in discussions surrounding the events of the pandemic and its disproportionate impact on people of color, specifically through the lens of education, wealth, health, employment, and housing. Students will complete a semester-long research project of their choosing as part of the course.

The 2022 fall semester GIRI course will focused on the disparate impacts of global pandemic. The forthcoming book The Pandemic Divide—written by faculty, researchers and collaborators of the Cook Center–examines the racial, gender and economic implications of COVID-19. The broad goals of the course are:

  • Examine past (and ongoing) inequalities within the book’s area of focus and how they made certain populations especially vulnerable to this pandemic
  • Identify and propose policy interventions to improve public health and social equality outcomes.
  • Conduct novel research related to economic inequality and the COVID-19 pandemic using methods across the social sciences

Instructor: Adam Hollowell

Guest speakers include authors of chapters from The Pandemic Divide. Read their bios here.