GIRI: The Experiences of Dalits and Tribals in India and African Americans in the U.S.

This course is an in-depth exploration of the nuanced commonalities of the lived experiences of Dalits and tribals in India with African-Americans in the USA. Indeed, an effort will be made to establish the similarities and differences in the nature of the Dalit and tribal lives in India in addition to exploring similarities and differences between both of their conditions and that of black Americans. There will be five topics that will be central to the activities of the seminar next semester in the context of comparing the status of African Americans in the US and dalits and tribals in India:
1. Colorism and color-based discrimination
2. Affirmative action policies in each country
3. Wealth, caste and social status
4. Employment policy and group-based inequality in each country
5. Educational policy and group-based inequality in each country