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Episode 1: Fighting for Social Justice in Healthcare, with NY State Commissioner of Health Dr. Mary Bassett

Episode Summary: In the opening for the book The Pandemic Divide, Dr. Mary Bassett discusses the vast racial and ethnic inequities that have been exposed by the COVID pandemic. She explains that these inequities are not due to any biological reasons, but rather are the result of societal failures. She goes on to discuss the […]

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Episode 2: How COVID-19 Continues to Affect Higher Education with Dr. Adam Hollowell

Episode Summary Dr. Adam Hollowell invites us to his Global Inequality Research Initiative classroom, where he presents his chapter of The Pandemic Divide on COVID-19 and Higher Education. The first focus is on broader economic trends in higher education as the background to the pandemic. It is tempting to think of COVID as the most […]

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Episode 3: How Systemic Racism and Preexisting Conditions Contributed to COVID-19 Disparities for Black Americans, with Dr. Keisha Bentley-Edwards and Dr. Paul Robbins

Episode Summary: The conversation with Dr. Keisha Bentley-Edwards and Dr. Paul Robbins discusses their chapter on systemic racism and how it manifests in different ways and settings, especially furthering the impact of COVID-19 on inequality. Bentley-Edwards and Robbins also discuss the social determinants of health, which are the social factors that influence one’s health. These […]

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Episode 4: Mass Incarceration, Race, and COVID-19, with Arvind Krishnamurthy

Episode Summary: Arvind Krishnamurthy discusses the chapter he wrote on “COVID-19, Race, and Mass Incarceration” in The Pandemic Divide. He sets the scene at a prison in Marion County, Ohio that had a massive COVID outbreak, and it turns out that this is not uncommon. He explains that there was good reason from the beginning […]

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Financial Insecurity, Student Debt, and the Pandemic

Episode Summary: Today we dive deep into Section 3 of The Pandemic Divide: COVID-19 and Financial Disparities, with guests Fenaba Addo and Chris Wheat, and hosted by Dr. William “Sandy” Darity. Fenaba Addo and Chris Wheat discuss the financial implications of the pandemic for student loan debt. Addo explains that, because of the pandemic, student […]

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The Rebirth of K-12 Public Education: Postpandemic Opportunities (Part 1 + 2)

Episode Summary: Hear from Kisha Daniels, Kristen Stephens, and Erica Phillips on their chapter of The Pandemic Divide titled “The Rebirth of K-12 Public Education: Postpandemic Opportunities.” This episode features the added dimension and voice of Sashir Moore-Sloane, social studies teacher at Githens Middle School in the Durham Public Schools district. The four educators discuss […]

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Black Women and Da ‘Rona

Episode Summary: The conversation, hosted by Dr. Keisha Bentley-Edwards, discusses the history of how pandemics have affected Black women worldwide. With co-editors Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachery and Dr. Shamara Wyllie Alhassan, we learn how there is a lack of Black women’s stories when it comes to pandemics and how Covid-19 has exposed the lack of infrastructure […]

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Casteism in India vs Racism in the US: a Comparative Approach

Episode Summary: Continuing conversations in his own research and events such as Annihilation of Caste, Dr. William “Sandy” Darity hosts three guests to compare and contrast Casteism in India, and Racism in the United States. Dr. Nico Slate, head of the History Department at the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon […]

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Behind the Scenes at the Pandemic Divide Conference

Episode Summary: Join podcast producers from Earfluence as they meet with and interview participants and attendees of the Pandemic Divide conference. Hear reflections, “a-ha!” moments and more in this brief episode, to close out our first series of “Voices in Equity.” The conference, a three-day event held at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, […]