Research Institute for Scholars of Equity (RISE)

About RISE

The Research Institute for Scholars of Equity (RISE): Conducting Mixed Methods Research to Improve Academic outcomes among PK-20 African American and Latino/a Children, Youth, and Young Adults is a program that prepares a new generation of scholars, committed to addressing issues of social equity.  RISE is an interdisciplinary training program open to students from North Carolina Central University (NCCU), Duke University, University of North Carolina-Wilmington, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Carolina, University of New Mexico, and the New School for Social Research.  Participants, referred to as “Fellows,” will conduct rigorous, high quality research in education that will improve the schooling experiences and academic attainment of pre-kindergarten through university-level African American and Latino/a students.

RISE is a training program that has a dual focus:
  • provide upper-level undergraduate students with experiences in conducting mixed-methods education research while preparing participants for doctoral study, and
  • help increase diversity in the Education Sciences.

The training program’s theme focuses on the ongoing inequities in education found in American schooling, especially for preK-20 African American and Latino/a students. Within the theme, fellows will explore research on social justice in education and teacher preparation. As part of the year-long training program, fellows will receive training in education research, conduct research with peers and faculty mentors, and receive assistance in applying to doctoral programs.  One core feature of the fellowship is the eight-week summer research institute in which fellows will be introduced to critical race theory (as well as mixed-methods research techniques) as a means of studying issues such as teacher quality, education policy, and race and social justice in education.

RISE Application

Deadline for receipt of all application materials is March 31, 2017

Research is a critically important component of education and we are dedicated to preparing a new generation of researchers who are interested discovering and learning more about academic outcomes among African American and Latino/a students in pre-kindergarten through college.

Applicants should complete the application in its entirety at once. You cannot save it to return at a later date.  You are encouraged to review the entire application before you start to respond to the requested items. It might be a good idea to organize your responses in a word document so that you can cut-and-paste answers in the application. Note that you will need to upload an unofficial copy of your transcript and three letters of recommendation when you submit your application; these documents will be attachments to your application. Carefully review your application to be sure that your responses are clear and complete. Click the tab below to access the application.

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